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Dental Service - Budapest The office was opened in the middle of Ferencváros, in a pleasant newly built residental estate with a nice back-yard. The office is lead by Dr. Péter Klement dental specialist as a private practice.

Our recommended Dentist:
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Here is some information of the dental services:



Dental examination, recording status, treatment plan 4 000 HUF
Light Curing filling (1 surface) 12 000 HUF
Light Curing filling (more surface area) 14 000 HUF
Gold inlay (of material not included) 30 000 HUF
Hard plastic veneer metal crowns 25 000 HUF
Porcelain veneer metal crowns 29 000 HUF
Zircon porcelain frame 85 000 HUF
Dowel abutment 18 000 HUF
Temporary crown   8 000 HUF
Crown and bridge removal anchor crown    5 000 HUF
Nerve root channel treatment   4 000 HUF
Medicated root channel filling    4 000 HUF
Temporary filling    5 000 HUF
Root canal treatment root channel    6 000 HUF
Tooth Extraction    8 000 HUF
Mucosal brush    5 000 HUF
Remove tartar mandible    8 000 HUF
Denture / tooth    8 000 HUF
Sheet metal 38 000 HUF
Bleaching of root canal treatment will / time    8 000 HUF
Fissure sealing per tooth    6 000 HUF
Light Curing reduce the sensitivity of cervical enamel (tooth)    6 000 HUF
Bre-precision mechanical Dent Fixing 30 000 HUF
Jaw teeth whitening 40 000 HUF
Plastic jewelery 30 000 HUF
Brill jewelery 40 000 HUF


The prices quoted are the 2011th valid from January 1, and subject to change without prior notice.
The procurement of services before, please check with the current prices.

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Dental Service Budapest Dental Service Budapest Dental Service Budapest


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