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Folklore + Dinner & Cruise - Budapest

Folklore + Dinner & Cruise - Budapest There are not many countries beside Hungary, where the art of folk-dancing is at such high artistic level. There exists even a college for studying Hungarian folk dances. 
The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, the Danube Folk Ensemble and Rajkó Folk Ensemble are three of the best professional Hungarian folk ensembles with the longest tradition (formed in 1951, 1957, and 1952), which have performances all around the country and abroad. 
All the three of the ensembles consist of 30 artists. Their choreographies are based on authentic dances. Some of them were collected in isolated villages and date back hundreds of years. Through the performed dances you can get a broad view of the music, dance and costume heritage of Hungary and the Hungarian inhabited areas.
Every concert starts at 20.00, and consists of two parts, 40-45 minutes each, plus an intermission.





Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Rajkó Folk Ensemble, Duna Folk Ensemble

Ticket prices (Depending on the category of the seats):

1. category: 10.900 HUF      Student: 10.200 HUF

2. category: 9.800 HUF      Student: 9.100 HUF 

3. category: 7.200 HUF      Student: 6.500 HUF

 VIP category: 25.300 HUF    Student: 25.300 HUF

After the folklore performance, a host or hostess will escort you to the pier. The cruise starts at 22:00, but always waits for the guests from the theatre.

On the ship, you can feel Budapest's romantic atmosphere surrounded by the friendly lights of the Danube capital and enjoy a warm and excellent buffet-dinner, which is prepared by Hungary’s only one Gault Millau rated chef, Klöter Gregor-Grex. We will take you on a 1,5-hour-long cruise on one of our air-conditioned ships. In the romantic candlelight atmosphere you can enjoy the wonderful view of Budapest swimming in light. After dinner you can also admire the panorama from the open upper deck of the ship.

Discounted package price with Dinner & Cruise (Depending on the category of the seats for the performance):


Menu 2019


Cold entries

Spiced cottage cheese cream and traditional greaves




Alföld style goulash with small dumplings

From autumn to spring: Vegetable cream soup

Summer time: Cold fruit soup


Warm main courses

Mini stuffed cabbage

Traditional chicken leg „Paprikasch”

Roasted chicken breast with basil-cheese sauce

Spicy pork rib with thyme – mustard sauce

Roasted sea fish with Chardonnay sauce


Garnishes and vegetarian

Grilled polenta with feta cheese

Grilled vegetables

Homemade dumplings with spinach and mustard-

mushroom sauce

Steamed jasmin rice with corn

Hash-brown potatoes

Steak potatoes




Fresh seasonal salads with dressings

Italian pasta salad

Caesar’s salad

Sweet corn salad with mayonnaise



Home-made strudel

Somló style sponge cake

Mini tarts

Dessert variations Európa style

Season fruit basket


Folklór + Dinner & Cruise: 

1. category: 23.300 HUF       Student: 22.600 HUF 

2. category: 22.200 HUF       Student: 21.500 HUF

3. category: 19.600 HUF       Student: 18.900 HUF

VIP category: 37.700 HUF         Student: 37.700 HUF


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