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Kéhli Restaurant - Budapest

Kéhli Restaurant - Budapest I warmly welcome you to this "story-telling" old house, where, at the beginning of the century, the hard-working and hospitable Kéhli family opened its small restaurant. They ran the eatery with such care and love that mother Kéhli's name became famous within her lifetime. The former "Old-Buda," with its rickety houses, workshops, stores, little pubs inviting bohemians, artists and students, disappeared more than twenty-five years ago. Citizens of Swabian and Jewish origin used to live here together with their Hungarian neighbours in mutual appreciation.

The Restaurant Kéhli, surrounded by some similarly old houses, retains an atmospheric little island oasis of the past among the monotonous rows of modern cubical houses. Thanks to the former well-known regular guest, Gyula Krúdy, the great Hungarian writer, it survived annihilation and is still open.


The poet of fragrances, tastes, colours, and fair women lulls and enchants you within these walls. It reminds you of the ambience of simple human joys - the absolving power of an everyday celebration of friendship and love, and it is very joyful to be a part of this at the beginning of a new century.


Dear Guests! I ask you to visit our house often, and bring with you everyone who, apart from the joy of food, the benefit of exquisite Hungarian cuisine, and the pleasure of our extensive wine cellars, wishes to enjoy dance and music through the merry and soul-stirring melodies of violin and accordion.


Hot pot with marrowbone          Hungarian chicken Soup

                                 Hot pot with marrowbone

Hungarian Pancake        Hungarian peasant plate

          Hungarian Pancake                                   Hungarian peasant plate

A small sampling of the menu:

  • Hot pot with marrowbone
  • Hungarian Goulash Soup
  • Cold goose liver served in its own fat and onion jam
  • Small slices of pork stewed with garlic and potato cubes
  • Fried turkey breast filet, stuffed with vegetables and rolled in bacon
  • Strudel filled with sour cherry and walnut


A little taste of the drink menu:

  • Apricot pálinka (Unique Hungarian fruit-brandies, called "pálinka")
  • Tokaji dry/sweet Szamorodni (white wine)
  • Eger: Egri Bikavér (red wine)
  • Villány: Villányi Merlot (red wine)
  • Balaton: Balatonfüredi Chardonnay (white wine)


Bar (every day): 12 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Kitchen (every day): 12 a.m. - 11.30 p.m.

Menu cards in english, german, italian, russian and hebrew. 

Gypsy Music Hungarian - Budapest Restaurant Garden
Gypsy music - Budapest Typical Restaurant Wine cellar - Budapest
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